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Unable to MiTm ym friend

The Noob From Hell

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I did try a MiTm attack on my own router (Linksys WRT54GL v1.1), I did use Ettercap from my LapTop (LinuxMint) and I did pickup login names and password from my stationary WinXP computer. My next door friend did ask what I could see leaking from his computer, a LapTop with Win7. But I did not see anything from that computer and I did think that it was something with Win7, maybe IPv6 or something like that.

Shame on me, I wanted to test it for real and I did know that some one close to me had a WEP, so I did hack it, connected and ran ettercap to see. But the test pugin "chk_poison" just did say that I not had poison any one. Lucky for me did I Pwn the über noob of the block, someone much more noober then me, the login for the router was "admin", so I know the firewall in the router was off.

One day after did I try it on my lunch brake, I found a WEP that I did hack, but the same thing happen, I could not poison any one. So help me, why can I only poison my net and not the others? Can I set up my router/firewall on Win and Linux so it dose not leak if some one poison me?

Pleas help a noob. Or better, Has HAK5 any Ettercap episode?

P.S Sorry for the bad spelling, I am not only a noob, I am also a Swed.

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I'm guessing your friend is on your network. If so, then go into your terminal and type the following:

ettercap -T -q -p -M ARP // //

This will start ettercap, filter the packets, scan the network, and poison the host that are active. All you have to do now is just sit back watch for the uid, pass and site info.

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You must arp poison your friend and ensure he is on your network.

My friend was on-line and we did chat via MSN, so I sure that he was on line and active. In the case with the WEP-router near me did I just wait and nothing did happen, and at the industrial area did I actually see they folk was using the computers to surf. The company is in a modern office-building with much glass and several small offices that rent space there, you can go through it and when you do so you can peek and see what they are doing.

It was in that building I stole 25 post-it from different monitors and found 2 very interesting passwords, but now do they have lots of cameras and you need a card to go to the office spaces. But as I say, it is much glass and you can see what some office do from the café area in the middle.

Now is it night here, I just got the message, "MITM attacks can't be used on unconfigured interfaces" and I did remember that I am a noob, a noob that must go to bed (and sleep) before I configure my interface and can test my new Ettercap skills ;-)

P.S Remember; my bad spelling is a combination of noobing and Swedness.

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