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hi to all from messsy


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hi all,

been looking around the forum and decided to stay..... well, who wouldnt lol

all seems bit confusing (especialy at 3:22am UK time)

i seem to have pocketknife running on a non u3 drive fine,, few little probs but ill look before i ask stupid questions.

if anyone wants to lend a hand and give me a little 1-2-1 or a little guidance then please post up :)

well thats it, see you all tomorrow :P

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Welcome !! I think you'll find this is one of the best communities to share, learn, contribute & create all different aspects of finding out how/why things work... taking them apart ... improving/modding the design and putting them back together. This includes hardware, software, toys & games . This is what I feel "hacking" is all about !! ... and i'm sure most will agree ! :) so again .. Welcome ! :)

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thanks guys, ive been studying security for a while now, ill look around and see what i can share then im going to get this brand new U3 drive done - any simplified way of explaining the proceedure or different ways?


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