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The Arcade Mark II


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Built my first one back in season one when Wes first built his. now with some spare cash and time on my hands i went for the Mark II.

This one is bigger better looking and more functional than my last.

It runs Hyperspin as a front end to the game emulators, currently NES, SNES, GBA, Megadrive and N64.

it has apache webserver running a YouTube clone called Vidiscript that provides a music video jukebox.

It has Frets on Fire Guitar hero clone and has Ultrastar a Singstar clone.

couldnt find a decent and affordable classic arcde controller so just went for a keyboard mouse and 4 PC Game Pad Controllers.

Still some more work to be done. need some door seal to surround the monitor make it look a little neater. also have a light gun system for the PC which i may install. and some new graphics for the top lit panels.


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Thanks, i built the whole lot from scratch, cabinet as well. you can see some more pics of the assembly process here.

ImageShack Page

got some better quality pics coming and all the measurements and software installation etc.

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the wires on the side are for the game controllers. i have designed a retracting cable reel for them but havent got round to installing them yet.

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