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March '09 Desktops

Mark Manching

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Thats kind of a different issue (I think). I think what moonlit is saying is that Ubuntu, Windows XP and 7 can't show times, just percentages. Backtrack's problem is that it massively underestimates the battery power: so much so, if I am not connected to mains, it just shuts my EEE PC down 'for safety's sake'.

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That's because it has a newer kernel (I'm not sure which) that has better wireless support. If you used a distrobution with rolling releases you wouldn't have to wait for the next major release of the distrobution for a kernel update ;p

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Fresh uBuntu install on an old AMD Duron 800mhz with 1gig ram, crappy old CRT (1024x768) and no advacned GPU capabilities, but it works. I think I may set this up so I can try that whole tunneling over DNS trick Mubix went over in the latest episode.


yukuake is really growing on me. I like having the terminal access from one key. I just wish it was mouse aware so it would slide back down at when the mouse is at the edge of the screen. Opps.. just found the option to turn that on.

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This is the background i've been using for the last few days on my main Laptop. I change them up pretty frequently though. Besides that Enigma Desktop Customization:

-Right Side-

CPU, RAM, HDD, Battery Meter

Rainmeter Calendar

RSS Feeds for Google News, Lifehacker, and the Hak5 Forums (They link directly to the sites)

-Left Side-

Date, Time, Location Bar

To Do List (click to edit)

CPU, RAM, HDD, Power Meter


Album Art for Currently Playing Track (No Visible)

Digital Clock

Location based on IP

System Monitor Icons


The image is a screen shot from Eve Online. Some of the customizations are a little redundant I have some more work to do on it but it's been keeping me happy for a while now.

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