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Missing .dll file


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Hey a friend referred me to this site.

Im in a spot of trouble.

Today I purchased Dawn of War 2 and i've brought it home, whacked it in my computer to install it. But apparently I must install a program called Steam before it will let me install the game itself.

However, the installation did not work, stating I was missing the file Steam.dll and it could not continue. It doesn't allow me to continue and install the game afterwards. It simply aborts the setup.

So I managed to track the file down on the net, but once I replaced it.. The message has changed and it is now missing a file called SteamUI.dll

I can't find the right .dll file on the net and I have no idea what else to do.

Can anyone help me?

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I hate when games require steam steam is just another resource hogging application that takes needed resources away from your already hard to run games

it is like a car company hating the fact that it is easy to steal car keys so they replace their keys with a rfid brick that weight 700 pounds that you have to place in your car when ever you want to use it all it does for the driver is it makes their car 700 pounds heavier, uses more gas and run slower and handles like a brick

steam is kinda like that but even less usable to the user because steam is designed to protect steam and not the user, (why does anyone need a middleman in opening a application wouldn't be easier if the game just had a icon on the desktop instead of having a icon in steam )

while there are some good things that steam does for the users, they can easily do those things with out requiring the user to open steam when ever they want to play their games

steam is like telling someone that before they can open the front door to their house, they have to first head to the basement and open the door to the washing machine

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steam contains the same functionality as xfire in its community feature, although (almost) always, a dedicated program is better at a job, so xfire is better for community/chat etc. but it doesn't do content delivery + Xfire requires support for games, whereas, if you add a game not bought through steam/not actually supported by steam into it, then playing it (through steam) allows you to chat to your steam friends.

I think steam is a good thing, it was a step forward for the gaming industry.

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I can login from any where, download the games, then leave in offline mode forever.

Ah thats only for steams offline/single/lan games not the mutliplayer ones I understand that.

Is that not the same as just torrenting the games except you paid for them once?

But I'm sure games companies don't mind that much compared to people just torrenting their games as you would probably only put those games on around 10+ computers.

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