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sub-domain help


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Hi everyone,

I have a question for you guys;

I have a cracked CS server running at home (xx.xx.xx.xx:27105) and I had setup an account at dyndns.com for my friends to easily connect rather then remembering the IP:


It worked great!

But now, i've bought a domain at godaddy and want to set it up so that a sub-domain will do the same function as example.game-host.org

How do i configure the sub-domain in the godaddy control panel to link cs.domain.ca to my home IP? (just like what hak5 does for their monthly gaming events; cs.hak5.org)


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The easiest option would be to have a cname that points to your dyndns.com domain unless you have a static internet IP address.

If you have a static IP address, just create another A entry.

thanks for the reply,

it won't let me just enter the ip or example.game-host.org

I need to enter http:// before, which, i think, is why in CS, you cannot type in cs.example.com to join the server.

like i said, example.game-host.org (from dyndns) works great.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated!

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Add a CNAME record pointing to example.game-host.com for cs.example.com. By this all the requests for cs.example.com will be forwarded to example.game-host.com... And you only need to update the ip for example.game-host.com.

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