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Terminal Services Logoff == Server Reboot?!


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I am trying to learn about terminal services on Windows Server 2003 180 day trial.

I have set up my server, and terminal services, and it connects fine from a LAN pc and I can log on. Unfortunately, when my "user" from the LAN clicks Start->Logoff to end his terminal services session, or closes the client and the 5 minute timeout I set ends, the server instantly reboots without warning!?

The server runs constantly logged in as "administrator", and the client connects with user account "user"

It seems to be a problem others have had, with no solutions, like:


Please help! this thing is bugging me now... :(

EDIT: I disabled reboot-on-BSOD and found a STOP 0x0000008E. This PC has been running my torrents flawlessly for about a month so I very much doubt the hardware is faulty. I'm in the process of checking and updating drivers...

EDIT2: Drivers made no difference, but I noticed http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957877 hmm...

EDIT3: No luck with any of the MS patches :( Looking for ideas...

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If you're sure that all your drivers are updated and there are no problematic devices showing in the device manager, it's time to run memtest. STOP 0x8E is popular with faulty RAM (happened to me several times).

Also, if you can, post the error message and register values that appear in the error log.

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Memtest was my first thought, i've also swapped it out for a different stick with the same result.

Strangely, I do not get an error about it in event viewer! It says something like "previous shutdown was unexpected" but thats all.

I'm 100% sure its a software problem, I have since located 4 microsoft hotfixes for 8E Terminal server BSOD problems, all of them change win32k.sys in some way. I have tried each one in turn, and I still get the same result :(

Not that its any different to a regular bluescreen, but If it helps I could photograph the output on my monitor, but it really is just the normal blah blah blah and then STOP 0x0000008E.

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