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Hey guys, just wondering if i could get some help really quick on an assignment I have for my AP computer science class. It is meant to be a address book but currently sucks to put it lightly. I need a little help finding out why when I add more then on entry to the arraylist it makes all of the contains of the that array the same, that being the last entry. All help is greatly appertained considering that my both my vocational school's programming teacher and my AP Comp Sci teacher couldn't figure it out.

link to download is here

Opening the main folder in netbeans after you unzip would be the easiest way to help out imo. If you need more information about it please just ask I will be happy to help you help me :)

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Run the section of code that populates the arraylist through a step by step debugger. Some thing like that should be easy enough to spot. My guess is it's staying in a particular loop longer than it should.

Remember: Where ever you can use a for loop do so, avoid while loops where ever possible.

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