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I wounder if it is actually her, if it is I LOL at her having to move.

isn't that Drop in that pic on twitter? DroP is a he. Unless that isn't DroP in the picture...

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hey drop that would b funny if it wasnt u but you got famous anyways. lol.

so 4chan's got a war going on? thats funny.

btw, nope, i'm a guy and there is no WAY i could talk that fast (or take that much crank?!)

man.. if i were a girl.. i'd get famous. one way or another, but im not.. so im nobody but a nasty bastard hamster...

sry, could'nt help myself, this girl has so many faces she makes I had to make a lolpic.


btw, im just now hearing about this stuff and boxxee, but check out this video about the folks who hacked her myspace. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CoudBXUWGc...player_embedded

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