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Web hosting for forum


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Hey peoples I was just after some input from you wise folk.

I was tossing around an idea in class today to register for a domain name and web hosting so we could have our own private class forum on the interwebz.

I haven't exactly done my research on it but I was curious as to roughly what size hosting would be sufficient for a forum with only a handful of members (I was thinking maybe 500mb). Personally I don't wanna spend much seeing as we are all chipping in a few bucks.

Also any suggestions as to what type of forum board to upload would be greatly appreciated.

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you can get the FREE forum here: http://www.freeforums.org/

And you can get the Free URL redirect here: http://www.freedomain.co.nr/

How's THAT for free? :D

And if you want to get your website on with it, just hook up a server with a simple site (not on your link though after you told me of the cap they put on you) and get your apache friends on.

Hell, makes me wanna get some of my apache friends on again, and this time bring some xhtml... I might just do that this week... Ill keep ya posted!

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Actually I was using freeforums for my Anime friends a while back, personally I find those constant adverts fucking annoying and they did some weird shit with the Forum layout with one of the newer versions.

Still for free you can't exactly complain about adds. We did find a web hosting in Aus that gave 500mb for $5 a month which I would be happy to pay for not having add's placed all over the BBS.

lol Yeah tell me about it, my speeds blow. If I had (could afford) a fast ISP I would be running something like Apache and getting my VPN shit on.

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Damn, so they ad-blew freeforums eh? I used them *(nobody came :()* about 2 years or so back and they were pretty good then. It kinda sucked ya kno? Setup A Trackmania United server, I was in Tet19 back then, and so I was spreading the Tet and going to gain ground in TMU, and then alas... A few people played the server every once in awhile, but noone ever even registered to the forums.. Think I still have my account :P Havent checked in years. Dont remember the password either.

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Yes indeed, freeforums was once a kick ass free forum hosting which has descended into the depths of shitty-ness.

My old forum is still up and somewhat active, just not as many post's as their use to be, but that's more than likely due to my awesome-ness not swinging by dishing out verbal shellackings to n00bs. *sighs* OH the good ol days.

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Check out conforums. Free forums with a great support board/community.

Dosent have all the bells and whistles as phpBB or InvisionFree. But only has 2 un-obtrusive ads.

Also customization is a little different. They give you access to a header and a footer for each page which may not seem like much, but there are a ton of great scripts on the support site that lets you change almost anything.

Here is a screen shot of my old forum theme that I made back in the day to show you that it's possible to completely transform the look.


Side note, the graphics request board is where I originally learned how to use photoshop, one mini banner at a time.(man I haven't been on that site in years)

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