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Why is this computer slowing down?!?!?!?!?!?


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Alright, Hak5 I need some help. My friend has the following computer and it keeps slowing down on GTA 4 even on medium settings at 1440 X 900. I need some help figuring out what is wrong with it.

Friend's Rig:

AMD 64 X2 6000+ (O.C. to 3.14ghz)

4gb DDR2 1066

Sapphire 4870 1GB

We have it set to medium because on high (which it should be able to handle no problem in my opinion) runs at about 12fps average. Any ideas on the problem will be greatly appreciated.

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this will sound strange, but your processor isnt good enough to play the game...

For your core, your looking at about 14-19fps.

GTA4 has a lot of known performance issues, just google "GTA 4 bad performance issue" and you will find tons of forums complaining.

Though as stated you need a beefer CPU, hes the proof:


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I have a opteron 170 socket 939, overclocked to 2.75GHz 2GB ddr400 memory (overclocked)

a ati radeon 3850 overclocked 2000MHz memory, 780MHz core

windows xp, (stripped down startup to save system resources which also gives better gaming performance)

My framerates are around 18-22FPS average depending on where I am and if I am driving or not

gta4 is not a very good game

my friend who has a e6600 overclocked 4GB memory, windows xp, and a 8800GTX gets around 20-23FPS in the game and his system is much faster than mine based on the 3dmark score

I get around 9600 points on my 3dmark 06 score, he gets around 13000 points

the game is just a bad console port, it is inefficient, there many games that look better and run smoother

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Thanks all, yah he is getting a new processor, he was following someone elses advice on the processor instead of listening to what I said about it, that's a mistake he is going to have to learn the hard way. That is what I thought it was but I just wanted to make sure before I told him to go drop more money on a proc.

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