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The Attack Pre-Installed Environment


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Yeah i just shorten the name from 'commando' to 'cmdo' (note the payload binds cmd.exe) some of the time. However I haven't done much work on it for a while, but do have an updated version in the works, no eta on that.

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can anyone tell me how to change the commando code to allow connection over the internet instead of over LAN

connect to somewhere:   nc [-options] hostname port[s] [ports] ...
listen for inbound:     nc -l -p port [options] [hostname] [port]
        -d              detach from console, background mode

        -e prog         inbound program to exec [dangerous!!]
        -g gateway      source-routing hop point[s], up to 8
        -G num          source-routing pointer: 4, 8, 12, ...
        -h              this cruft
        -i secs         delay interval for lines sent, ports scanned
        -l              listen mode, for inbound connects
        -L              listen harder, re-listen on socket close
        -n              numeric-only IP addresses, no DNS
        -o file         hex dump of traffic
        -p port         local port number
        -r              randomize local and remote ports
        -s addr         local source address
        -t              answer TELNET negotiation
        -u              UDP mode
        -v              verbose [use twice to be more verbose]
        -w secs         timeout for connects and final net reads
        -z              zero-I/O mode [used for scanning]
port numbers can be individual or ranges: m-n [inclusive]

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There is an upcoming version, based one Windows 7 PE. If you guys have ideas on what you'd like to see in the new version let me know! Here's what I got so far;

1. Based on Windows 7 PE (Faster boot, read/write to SATA drives, better network support)

2. "Grab Mode" can be enabled which quickly boots, copies the SAM file, and shuts down as quickly as possible.

3. Backdoors for Netcat, VNC, FTP, with optional router bypass

4. All the old payloads (Keyboard Randomizer, Rick Roll, etc)

5. Ophcrack

6. Multiboot with Konboot(s)

7. Leapo's payload

8. All programs and payloads should be accessible from PE or normal mode

9. File recovery software

What else???

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Month or two maybe, problem is when me and my friend (who is working on it with me) get together to work on it we end up drinking too much, and playing TF2...

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Alright so i opened the exe and the filesl saved to my Desktop. I then entered on the USB Drive etc. I followed everything on screen and now its done. I configed the files using the menu.bat. When i insert the device it wont hack it. >_> Any help?

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need some help quick

yesterday a followed your tutorial

(The Attack Pre-Installed Environment A.P.E. - Grab SAM files and install Payloads the easy way)

ps.great stuff you are amazing

i plugged that usb into some of my schools computers and of one mine thinking the payloads would disappear on restart.

i just need to know how to to uninstall everything the way if was before i plugged it in

a quick pm tutorial or a batch file(i really need to remove keyrand haha) would be great

thanks again

think my messaged was blocked on pm

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@ibegreengoblin -- I sent you a PM, I'd also recommend modifying your post here to be a little less incriminating.

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Heya. Might need some help, been trying to get this to work on a 8gb USB. I always end up with the same error message at the install saying: "Formating error; the device is to large for fat16/12" and then a .iso error message.

Anyone know how to fix this? Cant seem to find a proper solution =/


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