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Forums in GoDaddy?


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So, I have a Go daddy website(sorry I didnt get to use the code, this was almost a year ago). I was thinking though of putting up a forum on it. Im thinking Snitz cuz its free, i know though it sucks but still its a small thing. How though? i know its a vague question. I know it reuires ASP and HTML which i know GD support(html, not sure on ASP). question is: whats required? a home server or can i do this on the network folder? nothing for more than 30-50ppl


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You should check which hosting account you have - GoDaddy offer both Windows and Linux servers, and I'm guessing the Linux servers don't support ASP.

You can always install phpBB for your forum, but I hear you need to stay on top of security patches or you might get pwned really fast.

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Thanks dude. Its a windows server and i was thinking phpBB, is it free? also this is a VERY small think for me and old friends

Im not positive, but doesn't godaddy have some kind of packages for this sort of thing in your control panel? I know on my Dreamhost and even my last host company, they had some things for forums and blogs and such built into the hosting package.

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ill check, thanks dude

EDIT: Its extra, with the "Website tonight" feature, it does have some good stuff though, dont know if its worth it:

* Easy Click-&-Type Editing

* Forums

* RSS News & More

* Flash Intros - with Music!

* .mobi-compatible

* Video

* NEW! Widgets for weather, maps, news, clocks, Twitter and Flickr®

* HTML Editing

* Spell Check

* HTML Importing

* Copyright Statement

* Theme-based Categories

* Your choice of professionally designed template

* CSS Based Templates

* Advanced Style Editor

* Shared Content

* Password-protected pages

* Professionally Designed Color Schemes

* Color Customizer

* Multiple Color Themes

* Specialty Content

* Site Preview

* Image Editing (editor/wysiwyg)

* Text Editing (wysiwyg)

* Custom Form Builder

* Add Images (Over 8,000 free images included)

* Publish a "Coming Soon" page in 3 easy steps

* Built-in hosting

* Expanded Workspace

* Quick Shopping Cart Integration


* Seamless integration with Google's® Site Mapping Tool

* Publishing Times

* Publish From Application

* Add Meta Tags

* Add Page Keywords and Descriptions

* Site Analysis

* Publish Log

Page Elements

* Guestbooks

* Customize and Add Label

* Supports JavaScripts

* Navigation Buttons

* Hit Counter

* Music Plug-in

* Scrolling Marquee

* Date / Time Stamp

* Add Photo Album Links

* Slideshows within Photo Album

* Easy Form Builder

Web Site Management & Tools

* Secure Hosting with Generous Disk Space/Bandwidth

* Spam & Virus-Protected Email Account

* 256-Bit Encryption provides privacy and protection for your personal information through Web-Based Email

* "Phishing" fraud protection with technologies like Sender ID

* Email Forwards

* Faster Backup and Restore

* Rebuild

* Fonts

* FREE! Google Webmaster Tools

* Google® AdWords® Credit

* Microsoft® adCenter Credit

* Facebook® Ad Credit


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I like Simple Machines Forum if your looking for something free that has all the big-boy features.

You know, I miss the old forums :( ....ok off my soap box. Move along people, nothing to see here...

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Why not try:

*SMF - Great forum, tons of stuff for it, free

*PHPBB - Great forum, JS heavy, patch or you die, free

*IPB - Greatest forum, JS equal, patches released on a good time table, good support, etc, $100+ USD for 1 year support

I recommend IPB, it's easy as hell to set up, administrate, and it logs everything.

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well, I switched to SMF and linux and now im trying to install it, but i keep getting

Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/usr/local/mysql-5.0/data/mysql.sock' (2)

I dont have that folder. what do i do?

Did you create the database its trying to connect to? GoDaddy might need to send you info on how to connect to your sql server, and then update your scripts to point to the GoDaddy database with the correct login details.

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Actually i called them up and the dude was great. he sent me a link and actually godaddy can install it (along with a LOT of free things) for you and i did that and have it set up. No, im not telling you where, cuz its SMF and i WILL get raped...

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Just wanted to comment that at GoDaddy, your SQL server(s) are always on different hosts (localhost will not work). You can see each DB's hostname after you create the DB, in the database control panel. Hope this helps someone.

Dude, I just Googled in looking for information regarding the problem I was having trying to transfer in a phpbb3 forum onto Godaddy hosting and preview it before going live. And, this was the only useful information I found anywhere... Just wanted you to know that this did help someone, quick change to the config.php file to point to the db ip and I was up and running. Thanks! BTW... Godaddy support is kinda like military inteligence... They were no help at all, just said, we don't support 3rd party software. You'll have to get help elsewhere. Like they never ran into this before or anything.

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