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Best method for remote control


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What would be the best option for setting-up an option to remote control my office computer from home (both windows-based)?

I'm looking for something that will show me the desktop and allow me full control over the computer including access to network files and an option to copy files from/to the remote computer. If possible also an option to login to another network (which will provide an additional ip address) from the controlled computer.


In case anyone is wondering, I'm not looking for something that will remote control a computer in a hidden/stealthy way. The software/method will operate on my computer.

Thanks in advance...

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I would suggest instead of using the logmein client to use hamachi and rdp. This will only work if you have Win 2000, XP Pro, or Vista Business / Ultimate. This would probably be the ideal way as rdp is much more stable than any vnc based solution. Its as easy as checking the checkbox in the remote tab under system properties. All you need to do is install the hamachi client on both computers and make sure they are connected in the same "channel". Just use the IP adress hamachi gives the rdp computer and plug that into remote desktop(all versions of Windows should have it).

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