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Password managers?


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I'm one of those people that think its time to change all my passwords online....

I was thinking of switching to hardcore passwords that I would need a manager to save them and auto put them into websites (or just store them)... I was thinking of something that I could put on a super mini usb drive...

I just wanted to see what you guys were using to store your passwords and if you had any secure / best practice solutions...

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I've been looking at the ironkey password manager and the keepass software package..

I'm just thinking a 64 char random ASCII password would be better then a haxor modified word or phrase....

Keepass was a little complex and not very straight forward... it didn't do any auto inserting even though other add-ins were available...

If you guys do suggest keepass what add-ins are you using? and do you use it with an encrypted usb drive?

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I cant use a txt or xls file because these arent passwords that I could remember.. they would have to be typed in my the software every time...

Unless you guys keep it open all the time and copy and paste...

I dont anticipate having firefox or anything else remembering my passwords for me (besides the password system)

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I used 1Password for a very long time..., then I got stuck in a situation where I absolutely had to log into a very important website immediately and I didn't know what the password was (I used 1Password's super generator, my twitter password used to be something like "MCœQ{'c2s/23"sa∂21åó#AK54cæ"). I had the list encrypted on my iPhone but I didn't have my phone on me and was screwed.

I ended up memorizing one super über password (much like the one above) for everything and changing it every three weeks or so.

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I wonder how secure firefox is with a master password set into it....

this doesnt help me with my IE passwords but it would be the majority of my concerns...

I've done some searching and saw that they have an add in for ffox that times out the master password so it wouldnt last a whole session.. you could set it to time out after 5 min or so... so you would have to type it in again

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Instead of a password manager, do what I do. Have around 5 levels of passwords that you use:

1. The "enter it anywhere" but still secure password. 12 numbers and letters.

2. The "more secure" password - stuff you care about. This is a combonation of something you like, converted into something like 1337, with random letters and stuff.

3. Ultra secure. They need to either a) key log it, or B) be you to get it. No 1337. Use a different language all together, mixed with symbols and letters.

4. 24 character symbol pass for your local shit.

4. 64 character wifi pass & banks, etc.

Done right, you will never need another password again(change it often though).

And what ever you do, don't use firefox or IE's password managers. Bloody hell those are easy to get. Almost every switchblade out there grabs those.

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