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Wanting to build a tv top box


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I want to build one i have the hardware, but for the software i want to know a couple of things

-Boxee how stable is it in linux?

-Would it be over kill to do 2 or 3 tv tuners?

-What backend should i choose? (I.E. Linux, Windows, Mac OSX)

-What GPU should i get to do HDMI to a 1080PI TV

Anything else i need to know to build one of these boxes


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boxee is ultra stable on windows but its in the invitation only alpha stage atm

as for grfx card just make sure it supports dxva and hdcp

HDCP support does not exists on Linux and for two reasons: The people who license it would never let a HDCP key go open source. The people who maintain Linux would refuse to implement it for what it does. So they agree to disagree. Besides, you don't need it at all.

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