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Hola, Konbanwa, Hello, and Bonjourno.

Names Golog, just wanted to say hey.

I'm new to this forum and wanted to get things started with a discussion of what personal projects you all are working on. Programming, Hacking, Security, whatever. Wanted to get a feel for the kind of crowd that hangs out here.

First, a little about myself.

I'm a college student studying Computer Science and Information Systems Technology. I'm a programmer (mostly C flavors) and generally a computer enthusiast. I work at a valve manufacturing plant as an electronics technician/developer. Ok, think that's enough, on to the good stuff.

Currently my biggest project is an ERP program to handle day to day business, inventory, and manufacturing. It's not too impressive at the moment, but has potential... It's written mostly in C# with a twist of SQL code and some CSS.

I'm also working on a DAQ system for some systems monitoring and automation. Really fun stuff, but the hardware is a little over my head.

Finally i'm also working on a program to grab information from a networked pc and file it away for later use. Essentially it grabs IP address, open ports, OS, location (based on an nslookup util), and some other misc info. I haven't had much experience with networking, aside from my home network and file servers, and was hoping to get some help from some users around here.

Anyway, post your projects here. Perhaps we'll find some similarities and be able to combine efforts.

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