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Help with windows partition


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Hey guys, I have windows xp in my laptop; however, i decided to install windows xp in another partitioon to have dual boot. In other words, I have windows xp installed in my laptop twice. The reason i did this is because I like creating portable applications and do some crazy things on my second OS partition. I use returnil in that second partition so it is clean all the time after I install a piece of malware, or freeware or stuff. However, There are some programs (usually malware) that infect all the partition in a computer. I wonder if there is a way to stop the OS i have in the second partititon from writing to the first partition where my main OS is installed??.

I could use the security tab to denied access to it; however, when i go to my first OS, i get meesager that i have no rights to access the files and stuff like that. I know some of you will recommend to use a VW; however, a VW will never replace the power of my laptop totally, it takes less time to compile stuff in my laptop. Likewise, programs such as thinapp takes a lot of times in virtual machines when in a real computer, it takes much less time.

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If you want it to work, backup your data, wipe the drive and reinstall. If you want to spend hours fucking around with boot.ini and rebuilding file permssions for the entire system to fix this mess, don't waste your time. Just do option 1, and setup a VM with undo disks for testing stuff.

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You could install deepfreeze on the second installation of Windows. As far as I can tell deepfreeze replaces or intercepts disk access at the HAL, and saves modifications to a cache file. There is a significant performance hit from this as a result but only to the point of accessing files.

For what you want it would be best to install deepfreeze but then have it only intercept stuff that does to the first partition. This should reduce the performance loss and allow you to write stuff to the second partition.

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