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USB Adapter RAID


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So I have seen these IDE to USB adapters and Sata to USB adapters but i was thinking of getting a spare box, installing a usb card that has a usb slot on the inside then a usb hub and then install my hard drives both IDE and SATA connect them to the usb then to the power supply and run something like windows server since odds are the usb adapters will all be identical with the exception of the hard drives. I have thought about trying this since my raid card is full and i cant add any more or mix another raid controller with it (cant boot) but given the transfer speed of usb to the ide and sata drives yes it sits in the middle but with it being in a raid array that should help pick up the speed but still i would like some thoughts about this possibility.

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Erm, don't think you can put USB devices in raid. There are some DAS solutions which put the devices in raid for you and then connect over USB if thats what your looking for. They generally only support one interface though.

Why can't you boot with another RAID controller installed? Nothing other than slots or space should effect that.

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