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Sony Releases New stupid piece of S***


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I love my fucking piece of shit that doesn't work. I bought the 40GB model yesterday, but hacked an 800GB drive in there, so I don't have to wait for the upgrade.

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System Specifications:

  • Makes the most irritating beeping noise you've ever heard in your goddamn life
  • Fucks up everything else you hook it up to
  • "Scans for receivers," whatever the fucking that means
  • Flashes random fucking words and numbers on the display screen

What The Fuck is the DTV Converter or TiVo Like Thing. 800GB Version? that's near 1TB

Oh fuck :lol: ,,I,,

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The Onion is always hilarious. Their "Macbook Wheel" Video was great, They got all the house style just right, the only thing that gave it away was that it was ridiculous

One man spent 45 minutes sending an email using Apple's new Macbook Wheel

Man: I never knew how much I hated using keyboards until I used the Macbook Wheel

It made me PMSL :'D

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