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1996 Standard Auto Data Link Connector


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thats called an ODB II port and its mainly used for running diagnostic checks on your car other than that its not much use, they do make nice little gps adapters that you can plug in to the odb so you can see where you/or someone else went how fast they drove how hard they slammed the brakes etc, etc.

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I have a cable and diagnostic software for my ute. It's pretty damn good except my cars computer isn't bi-directional so I can't change settings with flashing the memcal.


seriously though, ya if you wanna track somebody you can use it, but unless your car breaks down, leave it be

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well it's not that they don't know it. It's just really hard to hack anything, because the ports are so limited. But I have heard of people adjusting their shift points(in an automatic) and things like that to save fuel. But I am not sure if it can be done with your '96, I doubt it. But it is kind of pointless because one wrong move and you have a verryyy expensive paper weight unless you tow it to a specialist, or just know how to back up the data and flash i t back on.

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