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Music Anyone?


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Hey, guy’s I just wanted to share a little music with everyone. Although, I am a jack of all trades when it comes to music there are a few genre’s that I listen to on a daily basis. For the most part I am hooked on Trance, Progressive, Alternative, Heavy metal, and last but not least Classical.

As far as artist’s go, here are a few:

Armin Van Buuren


Markus Schulz

Stabbing Westward


The Revolve



This week I wanted to share some tracks with you guy’s so here they are:

Flanders - Behind (Callea mix)


Masters & Nickson – Out There (5th Dimension) Daniel Kandi Bangin’ Remix


Monoral – Kiri

This song is featured in a video intro for the Ergo Proxy


I hope you guy enjoy the music. Let me know what all of you listen to I am always up for more music.

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well im pretty much eclectic when it comes to music loving genre's from rock to reggae electro to country

im in an acoustic mood so my youtube / google video playlist of today is as follows

nickel creek reasons why


3 doors down fathers son

paramore here we go again acoustic

paramore eemergency acoustic


and something for the oldschool uk ravers from back in my old raving days

kenny ken dreamscape

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I can't get enough of the music that is similar to Jazz with a smoke filled room

Pearl Jam - Youtube Playlist

Sway - Anita Kelsey

Anita Kelsey - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Michelle Pfeiffer


Also Rock Music

Stone Temple Pilots Tripping On A Hole With A Paper Heart



Interstate Love Song


Big Empty


Deftones - Bloody Cape


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I like everything. But country strands out.

Steve Forde - Summer's Little Angel


John Williamson - True Blue

Darius Rucker - Don't Think I Don't Think About It


Jason Aldean - Amarillo Sky


Brooks and Dunn - Hillbilly Deluxe


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I listen to pretty much everything, from Thelonious Monk and Vince Guaraldi, to Metallica and Ozzy, to Hank III & Assjack, U2, Korn, Skinny Puppy, Ry Cooder, the list goes on. I personally don't care for most mainstream stuff on radio today though. Most pop and rap today is boring and played out, although I like Ice Cube, Dr Dre and NWA, I really don't care for rap and hip hop in its current form. Jay-Z is not an artist in my mind, but RUN DMC were/are, beastie boys, etc. Classic rock is cool, Zepplin, Hendrix, and Blues stuff like SRV, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Robert Johnson, Albert King, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, and stuff like that. Latest thing I have been listening to is Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings 100 Days, 100 Nights album.

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Like a mouse inside a maze, wonderin round for days, with a smile upon my face, I never wanna leave this place

ozzy osbourne - killer of giants


Ozzy Osbourne Live and Loud




Ratt - Round And Round


Guns N' Roses - The Garden


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Wow, it's nice to meet people with a good taste in music. I listen to almost every genre out there and sometimes get stuck, like last month when I went on a Frank Sinatra (And Jr) streak.

By the way here is a link to my brother-in-laws band The Revolve: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=25569209

I can't help, but plug them. They are an awesome band. Every once in a while they will come back to play in Oklahoma City. I hope you guy's enjoy them.

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No favorite band, just rap and rock. Mostly Nickelback, Lil Wayne, Good Charlotle, Simple Plan, Kanye West, The Fray, Some songs from 3 Doors Down. About it....

Oh and

Beatoven Classical. Kinda Wierd (Listen on Shuffle hearing Rap and Rock and then suddenly Classical :))

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Dio Distraught Overlord - Lords Prayer Awesome Jmetal Band :D Awesome Song.

Dio Distraught Overlord - Fuzai Toiu Genjitsu E Another awesome song and vid.

Dio Distraught Overlord - God Forsaken Yet another Dio Distraught Orverlord vid that just kicks ass.

Nega - Quadrangle New Jrock/Metal band I found. Awesome vid *may be NSFW*

Awesome vid and song. *NSFW or Weak Stomached*

and yes I am aware I like odd music.

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I like ANYTHING except country and Spanish, idk, spanish just doesnt stick with me, maybe not enough

I LOVE techno and dance, but im the older stuff, again, the new stuff just doesnt stick with me, EXCEPT for two new ones "stronger" kayne west (stfu please no flame) and hellogoodbyes here in your arms (reminds me of the Code Lyoko OP)

I do love asian pop and rock, I do like Saku... then again, Dir En Grey DID do an American tour with teh family values

But, I usually stick with what I know, BASS HUNTER for any gamer and house music lover, Daft punks a given, any VG music (hell I have the live SSBM CD from nintendo).

Here in your Arms-

Basshunter Channel- http://www.youtube.com/user/small3y?blend=1

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HOLLY FREAKIN GOD!!! I'm sorry If I'm about to stealing anyone's thunder but I just found this local band over in Fairfax, VA (while attending ShmooCon) And I swear to god! They like blow my mind away. The name of the band is Bob and they're a rock/alternative/crunk band. So to anyone who likes bands like Linkin Park, P.O.D., MSI, etc... Seriously, I highly sugguest that you check this out!

Band's Main website

Band's MySpace (Has some more of their music)

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My favorites...

--- Electronic: Nightcore, Dark Oscillators, Showtek

--- Rock / Metal: I Killed the Prom Queen, Avenged Sevenfold, Paramore

--- Alternative / Indie: The Wombats, The Dead 60s

--- Pop: Cascada, Smile.dk, Toybox

My full artist list: http://pastebin.com/f1c7c7b8d.

@Keiyentai: Saku is a really good alarm clock song :3

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A lot of you guys have some kick ass taste in music, at the moment I am hooked on Alestorm PIRATE METAL!!

Over the sea's:


Captain Morgans revenge:


Wenches and Mead:


Guitar and drums are not as good as the above songs and the lyrics are a little repetitive but I love the content, it makes for a great drinking song at the pub/bar with mates.

Sample Lyrics:

When I come back from a mighty quest

I have no need for sleep or rest

I head to a tavern for a drink

And get so drunk I cannot think

A wench by my side, a jug of mead

These are the things that I most need

So I sit back and sing this song

And drink and party all night long

Now if only some mob will bring out some NINJA METAL!

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Hmm... I have an odd mix of favorites.

here goez:

Industrial/Rock/and Metal

NIN is my all time favorite band and has been since the mid 90's but here is (my newer-found) favorite (and the dvd is F*(ING AWESOME IN SURROUND SOUND!!!)

Primus..Ohhh yeah. (I swear korn got their whole sound from the one part in jerry was a race car driver)

Primus: My Name is Mud

Type O Negative.. My blood type really is type o negative, and this is one of my more favored bands. You want some real sensual music? Next time your gonna get some, put this song on and by the end you'll be in love 10x over (and if you do some kinda drugs w/it [which i dont condone] but when I used to I never felt like I was in a more serene place.

Type O Negative: Love You to Death

Red Hot Chili Peppers.. This was the first song I heard while I was smoking my first cigarette (not THE first but..) after I got laid the first time. Kinda ironic about the lyrics as opposed to what just happened to me but hey, it was one of my fav. songs at the time

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Under the bridge

Guns and Roses: Once you get this far in the list you notice that I am into slow sad songs, but really this is but a hobby (if you would like to call it such) I enjoy epic songs that can capture a moment in time as other music can, but can also capture feelings that I have not had to endure, and I dunno.. It's just an epic song.

Pantera: At least this isnt sad? lol

Pantera: This Love

Orgy: damn near anything but this was my fav. by the band (and I saw em live before they got big :D)

Orgy: Pantomime (sorry no video was evr made 4 this song)

Marilyn Manson: If your wondering, at 00:42, yes that is female genitalia on someone's head, and no both youtube nor MTV ever noticed.. (mtv used to play this video all the time :P)

Marilyn Manson: Dope Hat



All time fav. Djs

Mixin Marc - you cant find my fav album by him (4 tha klubbheadz 2000 live B-97fm)

but you can check out some of his new mixes here: Mixin Marc's Myspace

Dj Irene: I have met her. Hardest house music evr. She has not produced an album in years, but she still appears live and everybody who hears her still proclaims her as the best hardhouse dj ever.

Dj Irene: Live

Dieselboy: Best damn Drum N Bass dj/creator hands down (he makes his own, he dont spin other's beats)

Dieselboy: Quadrant 6 (if your going to listen loud make sure you got some hard bass in those computer speakers!!!)

other of mention:

Tim spinnin' sharmon (not going to find much of his stuff)

Bad Boy Bill


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Everyone who likes electric like, but still rockish, instrumentaly awesome music should check out Ratatat, one of my favorite bands that not very many people have heard of.

WARNING: This link contains good music, but also goes to a very shitty website. You've been warned!

Listen to, "seventeen years" or "wildcat"

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Everyone who likes electric like, but still rockish, instrumentaly awesome music should check out Ratatat, one of my favorite bands that not very many people have heard of.

WARNING: This link contains good music, but also goes to a very shitty website. You've been warned!

Listen to, "seventeen years" or "wildcat"

Ratatat are awesome, but their songs grow old fast. I have two of their albums, and I can only listen to them for so long before they put me in a trance. They start to make me feel as if I am stting on a vynil record going in circles while the needle keeps hitting me in the head, stuck in a loop. Yeah. They get repetative after a while and it all starts to sound the same.

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Hell yah.

Seplutura (Max Cavalera)

Morbid Angel



Cradle of Filth

Just to name a few

Don't forget Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy. Two great spinoffs of Max's and the last one has Max and Igor together again. I wish the old Sepultura would reform. Can't stand anything after Max left. Just wasn't the same.

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