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Help me pick a boom headshot

Darren Kitchen

Which headshot? (click link below before voting)  

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I just looked at one, and let me tell you this.

I feel suprisingly homosexual now. You need chicks to do this for you dude. This is like asking your buddy, "Do you think i look hot in this pic?"


Really? Sorry bud. I guess I didn't really think about that. I'm so used to working with Wess and the rest of the crew, who are all so tight by now that you kinda just get over that stuff and can actually be like "Dude, your gonna need some makeup to cover that nasty thing on your chin before we shoot the segment" and think nothing of it. And yes, everyone on the team is straight.

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13: Gay.

16: Would've looked better if you weren't sitting down.

28: Better

41: Funny! Pity it's your arm that's doing the pushing. Regardless, my pick.

45: NO NO NO! The hand geasture is downright rediculous in a bad way.

53: Too dark

67: You're winking at the photographer here.

81: Too much of a biker look. Yes, you ride a bike, but as headshot for this show it doesn't fit.

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i voted for 45...if you are going to use it for a head shot the hand gesture doesnt matter but i also think 28 and 81 are pretty good...

me and my friends all know each other pretty well and are all very secure with our sexuality so it doesnt really matter...once you have slept with a guy nothing else really matters (slept as in sleeping not sex)

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53 has the best pose I think but the right side or your face is a tad on the dark side.

13 and 16 have got too much of an evil grin.

28 is pretty good.

41 is you being silly.

45 isn't bad, but for the hand.

67 is probably your other alternative.

81 doesn't show the real you.

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eh, well I don't know what it is about darren, it seamsthat in every picture he takes, he looks like hes about to burst out laughing and beer will fly out of his nose. I think it's beacause darren is a natrauly funny guy, its like harrison always looks drunk evenw hen he's sober, so it's the same effect. As for which ones nice, I picked the first because it semed liek it was less of you tryign to be funny, as for biker darren, um WTF were you thinking lol, an I agree about how it feels homosexual to judge dareen liek that haha (espsecaily with my comments on skype/vent/irc) :wink:

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in hindsight i might have picked a more mature group to ask opinions

I'll try be as mature as I can ;)

I think 81 is the best overall picture, but I think 45 would be very good if it were cropped to head and shoulders.

I'm not a big fan of colour photos :roll:

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