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Anyone using it yet? I'm not that much a fan of the social networking sites, mainly 'cause I can't be arsed to type lots and keep it up to date. But I'm find the idea of Latitude quite good. Born and bred in London was a bit of a shock moving away to the coast and not seeing my mates every week. Now with Latitude I can keep a track on where they are going and what they are doing despite being miles away from London now. Only issue is it's not exactly accurate and appears to be American based at the mo. Works on the phone but not on the PC. Only way I can get it to work on the PC is by removing the google.co.uk cookie so google then things I'm in the US, otherwise it just refuses to load and claims it's not available in my area yet.

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Yeah its fine if you don't mind Google informing everyone else where you are, such as the poilce and any number of companies that "only" want to target you with advertising for where you are.

Next you'll be receiving adverts for medicine when you don't make your normal commute the office.

Thanks but no thanks for letting the government know everything about me.

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