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Microshaft's new line of products

Darren Kitchen

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Does this model run the fat off the noob to make it a more healthier alternative? I'm on bit of a noob diet at the moment.

It does, but it's not the most efficient. There is another model coming out later that might be to your liking.

But keep in mind that the RS-232 interface connects to your compy 386 and integrates with the "Better Noob and Garden" cooking and nutrition software (now available on 5.25")!

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I keep finding my noob escapes before I can squash my noob under the elevtrically heated spikes. Will there be an in-built firewall in the next model or an update that will prevent my noobs from escaping?

If your noob is escaping you may want to look into something more powerful and enclosed. Like:


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Darren, can i worship you as a rolemodel/mentor/idol etc etc

I'm supposed to be studying right now.

but stuff that, line integrals and vector functions aren't as important as catching the latest in the range of n00b busting products from Microshaft

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