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System Fonts (also, application and web fonts) broken


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So a couple months back i remember sitting down to my computer after work one day, and noticed that my fonts on my computer all seemed to be ... bolded.

I didnt really think much of it, but it was quite annoying. Well, i've it the point where it's really irritating me and was hoping you guys could help.

Heres an example of my problem on a website i'm working on: http://www.marky-b.me/images/font/

As you can see, in the top image, the menu font is slightly italicized and the 'contact us' menu item breaks into two lines. Thats on my home pc.

On my work pc, and from my experience, all the other pc's in the world, see it as the second image on that page (as it should look).

I've already checked my font settings in vista, and they're all default. I've also checked my truetype settings, and that too is enabled.

Is there anything else you guys can think of (besides a fresh windows install) that could possibly fix it?


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