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Application Installer your removable drive


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Application Installer your removable drive

There might be a better deal for it (cough) then these links but here is the info



ARGO Application Installer

Go beyond the Programs Directory and install your own Windows Applications. ARGO installer has been completely re-designed now provides support for many more applications. Try it today. The 45-day trial is free. See video above for more information.

Installing and Running Programs from Ceedo

Ceedo is a portable working environment, allowing you to install and run software applications directly from your removable drive, on any computer you plug into.

Installing Programs

When you add a program to Ceedo through the Programs Directory, it is installed directly on your Ceedo drive, and locates itself inside the Ceedo platform. The added program adds shortcuts to the All Programs menu, and sometimes adds icons to the Ceedo Toolbar for quick-launch. Nothing is left on the host computer when the program is installed, so it could be carried in full from one computer to the next.

Running Programs

When Ceedo is plugged into a host computer, it shows the entire installed programs list in the All Programs menu. Starting a program from the All Programs menu, or by clicking a Ceedo Toolbar shortcut, runs the program directly from the Ceedo drive. When it runs, the program acts as if it is resident on the host computer, though nothing is actually installed or copied from Ceedo, but remains intact on your Ceedo drive.

This way, Ceedo makes sure that your programs remain with you at all times, wherever you go. You will always get the same application set regardless of the computer you plug into. With Ceedo, the concept of a portable working environment, available on any computer, is fully achieved.

Private Working Environment

Ceedo also takes care of your privacy and working environment integrity. When either installing or running a program from your Ceedo working environment, Ceedo makes sure that nothing is left behind on the host computer when you end your session and eject your Ceedo drive.

Ceedo also lets you know which programs you are currently running under Ceedo. Notice the Ceedo icon on the top-right corner of the application window’s caption bar. This icon tells you that this program is running under the Ceedo working environment. Every action you take with this program is performed on the Ceedo platform, and nothing would be either copied or left on the host computer while working on the program or terminating it.

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Most application that you need to use on the got don't require this although still a good idea.

That is true, although there are some programs that part of the installation go to other folders other than just the 'program files' directory, there are some that also go to 'local settings', 'application data', 'my documents', ect

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