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Virtualizing servers


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A virtual server is a server that can host multiple virtual machine at ones. It is used today to merge multiple servers into one physical machine. By this you can extract more power from a single single machine, while saving floor space, not to talk about electrical bill. Lets say you have 10 virtual server in a single physical server, you only need a 10th of the floor space, and you will pay only 10th of the electrical bill for servers.

A server in most cases only uses like 5-20% of its capacity. By combining then info one single physical machine you can extract as much as 80% of its power.

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Because if you were to audit any comms room or datacenter in any office in the land, you would find a room full of very powerful machines running 24/7 doing very little. By virtualizing you can take several apps that need to be installed independantly and run them on the same hardware, so your machine idles at 50% usage, not 5% usuage. This saves on power, space, air-conditioning etc.

For a home user this allows you to install 2-3 linux distro's on your computer without loosing windows or similar, so you can test different OS's and listen to your music at the same time.

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