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Cool Computer Case


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I got an idea for what I can use a computer for, though the actual computer would just

be more of an enclosure in the trunk...

I was thinking I would make the ultimate driving training program (teach the ultimate

driving technique) I was thinking that I would put a computer in a car, but it would have

power over the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and the ECM (Ignition Control Module)

and it would employ sensors in spots to get the best data of the overall ride and the

specifics of location and ride dynamics, but it would calculate on-demand a series of

success and fail scenarios and average the success scenarios so as to assemble a

basic how-to guide. In this way, it would be able to "teach" you certain racing styles.

I was thinking that I would use a GPS system to understand location (show more

accurate details) and lots of sensors (obtain the data) a pretty damn fast computer

(calculate within the accurate time frame) but overall, despite lack of power I believe

that it may in some way be possible.

PS. The averaging-out thing is because the projected audience probably

won't be able to drive at exactly something like 33.55719090938... degrees (radians)

but, it will be able to average to more general details.

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