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first of all i would like to excuse myself for my probably bad english, I'm german ;).


after seeing the Episodes which were about SSH tunneling using plink I thought it would be nice if i could have that but without having a cmd promp open. After a day with absolutly nothing to do I started writing this little App for excactly that purpose.

Now, cause I think I am not the only one who thought it would be nice to have something like this, I want to share my TunnelManager with you.

Its quite in Beta status and the logging is not quite right but so far it works like I planned and I will work on fixing the logging :huh:




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Geez, no wonder no-one contributes here any more. IT'S SHIT! IT'S REDUNDANT! BOO! HISS! HE'S BEHIND YOU!

I kid, but ffs, if you people expect contributions to this forum then at least try and act like you give a shit, won't you?

Sure, it's hardly the most feature-encrusted app in the world and it might not be awesome-amazingness compared to something like Putty which as been around for ages with tweaks and tweaks and tweaks until it got to today's Putty. Putty's interface has a bunch of crap to configure and this app is nice and simple. Right tool for the job, yadda yadda. Anyway, dude wrote an app and put it up for people to use, show a little respect.

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Putty's interface has a bunch of crap to configure and this app is nice and simple.

Everytime I open up Putty I get a headache. They really do need to redo thier interface.

Kudos to the OP for the program and apologies for my inital recommendation to just use putty. Your program is obviously a lot more simplified and pratical for quick use whenever needed.

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