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Hak5 Episode 4x11


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In 4x11 Darren Show off GOCR but in his post on applications and forums he first converted it with a program called DJPG. Were can I download it? Thanks

Isn't djpeg a compression program for linux?

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Scroll down the man page:


Select PBMPLUS (PPM/PGM) output format (this is the default format). PGM is emitted if the JPEG file is gray-scale or if -grayscale is specified; otherwise PPM is emitted.



Force gray-scale output even if JPEG file is color. Useful for viewing on monochrome displays; also, djpeg runs noticeably faster in this mode.

are functions of djpeg under linux. I asusme there is a windows port as well, maybe that is what Darren was using? I'd have to go back and watch the episode as I don't remember if he was running it under windows or linux.

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