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windows xp wont start


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Hi, everyone.

and man i love this site so informative..

I need help my Xp won't start..

Its telling me

windows could not bec:ause the following file is missing or corrupt:

<windows root>\system 32| hal.dll

Please re-install a copy of above file..

How do i do this ??




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Boot a live disk, if you are using NTFS use ntfsck (part of NTFSprogs, which will probably need installing) to check the file system for errors. If you are using fat32 fsck.vfat will do it.

This problem is probably the result of a problem with the file system. It could also be the result of bad memory.

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Boot from a linux live distro to get the files contents OR

Get into the recovery console on your XP CD:

cd /d c:\
type boot.ini

Note "type" must be typed. Its a command.

For getting the disk/partition layout:

list disk
select disk 0       etc...
list part

Write down the contents and post here.

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