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Small heatsinks


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I was wondering are there any places that sell heatsinks designed for cooling things that are 1cmX1cm in size and theres about 0.5cm of space on each side of it

I have a heatsink for the CPU, but i don't have anything for one of the smaller chips (if anyone can recommend some, it will be a great help)

and this one hits 47-50C depending on usage (can go higher if I am downloading torrents )


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never seen a heatsink that small

i did use some zalman self adesive vga ram heatsinks for my 360 once

you could try cutting them down with a dremmel if you havent got enough room for the overhang they usualy come with a couple of extra adesive pads just incase you ruin the one on the heatsink when cutting it up

these look about your best bet


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