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Force a computer to belong to a differnet logical subnet?


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i am a bit new to this fascinating world of networking and security, just wanted to know a few things which i could not understand by googling.

i was running Nessus scanner on a friends computer who is on a different subnet and the nessus scanner gave a conclusion:

The remote host is on a different logical network. However, it is

on the same physical subnet.

An attacker connecting from the same network as your Nessus

scanner is on could reconfigure his system to force it

to belong to the subnet of the remote host.

This makes any filtering between the two subnets useless.

i have a few doubts:

1.how do i know whether the subnets are logical or physical without using these software or what does Nessus actually do to work out whether the subnetting is logical or not?

2. does a router connects logical subnets, physical subnet or both?

3.Suppose my block has been given the address 10.100.95.x is there any way that i can "belong" to some other subnet like 10.100.98.x , which Nessus warned of??

(obviously without physically moving there ;) )

what does it mean by "reconfiguring to force a computer"????

i tried googling this but found basic stuff like changing ip address or changing subnet mask,

i use windows vista and ubuntu 8.10

pls sort out my queries, thanks in advance

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(1) Im pretty sure you need some kind of software or prior knowledge in order to determine if all computers on the physical network are on the same logical subnet.

(2)A router is a network layer device and it connects devices both physically and logically.

(3)Changing your Ip and subnet mask to be in the range of other networks should do the trick as long the physical lan is the same and has no vlans or special port security/segmentation enabled.







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