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Webhosting::Is Blue Host good?


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I'm concerned about the supposedly "unlimited" bandwidth and hosting space they are offering. Obviously these are limited and if you push it, you'll find out what the limit is. If you do go with this company, make sure to register your domain somewhere else! That way, you can easily switch to another webhost if things go wrong.

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If all you want is php/mysql and some other things and aren't going to do anything to get you thrown off the network, you might consider dreamhost - They're a Hak5 advertiser. A little google work will show that Bluehost (and many other budget hosting companies) have had significant bouts of "stupid".

All of the unlimited bandwidth and storage offers have significant limitations on what it can be used for (no mirroring, no personal backups that kind of thing) Most will ban you without refund without warning for it.

I've been with dreamhost for a long time. Use this link http://www.dreamhost.com/r.cgi?76032 to give the credit to Hak5. (Honest, it's their referral code).

Check out the support forums (if you can) of any hosting company you are interested in. If they're not open, don't sign up. They're hiding something.

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Funnily enough I had written a nice post about BlueHost while I was at work last week but then the power went out and I had other things to keep me busy :P.

I've been with bluehost for 4+ years now and they've been great.

The current set "limit" is 300GB HDD space and 3Tb transfers but if you need more you just go into a support chat and ask it be altered. Takes like 10 mins out of your day.

I haven't had one bad experience with their support

Heres a snapshot of my CPanel...

Disk Space Usage 18108.86/307200 MB

Monthly Bandwidth Transfer 19025.79/3072000 MB

Email Accounts 10/2500

Subdomains 18/999

Parked Domains 0/999

Addon Domains 14/999

Ftp Accounts 10/1000

SQL Databases 29/50

Mailing Lists 0/100

Really have no aim in swapping hosts in the near future unless I get a dedicated box.

Man will that move be fun...

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Hi,I'm planning to host my website at bluehost.Is anyone here using bluehost ?Is their service good ?

Please gimme some feedback.

I have no idea about them which you specified.Because yet I didn't use it.From the past one year,I am using Tucktail.com for my web hosting at low price.Their services are really good.

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