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Simulate USBFlash Drive as DVD Drive

Bit Hunter

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Is there a way to simulate a USB Flash Drive as a Oplical Device (CD/DVD Drive).

All i want to do is to drop a ISO on a USB Disk, and when i boot computer of the USB device it will load ISO image.

The problem i am having is that i have to re configure every time i want to create a new OS install disk. I just want to do configuration on es, and later just replace ISO with the desired OS CD/DVD image...

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I have looked at UNetBootin, but it can only do it for Linux Distro Installer, and not Windows Installers...

Do you want a live disc? If so, BartPE and UVCDWIN are what you want with GRUB4DOS. Otherwise, you can just format the drive to be bootable and then open the ISO in something like WinRar and copy the contents to the bootable thumb drive.

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