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Sharing Internet over my network?


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I was just wondering if there is a way that I can share my blackberry internet connection over my home network?

I found a post on another forum where someone had found a router that would do this, but he said that it was way over priced and and didn't really work all that well anyway.

Any ideas?


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most blackberries have bluetooth DUN feature, so tether it to your computer and ICS it like sparda said. unfortunatly blackberries dont have all the connection features that some windows mobile phones have. i can even set my HTC touch HD up as a wireless AP and capture all the traffic going through with airscanner mobile sniffer, it even captures data over the phones usb, or bluetooth connections. it makes a nice little pwn router.

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I know my iPaq running Windows Mobile 6, can share Internet both ways. When i connect it to computer with Active Sync Installed (connected either with cable or Bluetooth) i can use Internet Connection on PC and relay it to iPaq, although you have to enable Internet Sharing on PC. I can also use iPaq to setup a DHCP/DNS/Gateway, and connect my PC to Internet via iPaq.

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