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Got a connection setup via home to work. I can see my work machine in Hamachi and it's says it's connected fine and I can ping it. But I can't seem to RDP but I can VNC to the work machine using the Hamachi IP it's given. However, the VNC connection only lasts a few seconds before it's lost. Then I have to close down Hamachi before I can retry the connection because if I ping the work machine, I just get time outs.

Any ideas? I have Comodo Firewall on my PC and the router firewall on and Endian firewall on a spare box that everything goes through. Wouldn't of thought it was a firewall issue as I can connect to the work machine, but only for a few seconds and used to do this even before I had all these firewalls up.

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I heard that hamachi has been having a lot of problems lately with their servers...security now podcast is my source for this btw.

apparently it's becoming increasing unreliable.

steve gibson does have plans for a new vpn client application that will "solve all those problems".

I'm sorry i can't offer a solution.

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