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Server to storage bank cable ID, Netfinity 7100


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I grabbed our recently replaced IBM Netfinity 7100 from work. I want to get it up and running to play with at home, but somewhere I lost the acbles that go from the server to the storage bays. I can't seem to find the part# or description for what these are. Looks like a scsi cable of some kind, maybe?

This is the Xenon 700mhz version.

Thanks guys!

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i think this would be what your looking for

SCSI Cable, LVD, two drop to 5.25 bays (Models 1RY, 2RY, 11Y, 21Y) 37L0149

here is a list of every part for the system in case thats not the right part.


good luck and dont get in trouble. ;)

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