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NAS Server setup


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I recently aquired a thought to be fubared Fastora-T2 NAS server. It has taken a bit of work but i finally found some manuals on the system. unfortunately it is about the only support of any kind i have found. I have tested all 4 of the 750 gig seagate barracuda drives and they work great. the system boots (acourding to the lights on the front pannel and no beep codes) just fine. I am thinking that the image on the 128MB compact flash card is currupt. the card works fine when inserted into a card reader in windows. cant open the drive though or windows wants to format the drive.

looking through the manual i seen that the board has a pin out for both a internal ps2 keyboard and internal CRT VGA connections. NOTE: internal so i cant simple plug in my monitor and keyboard. I have found what i think is the correct pin out to make an adapter. but i am not positive. I want to install FreeNAS on the flash card and see about getting it running. the server also has two 10/100 nics and a console port. What would be the best way to get free nas installed on the compact flash card? can i setup the system without connecting the monitor and keyboard? perhaps on a different machine then move the card back?

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