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project wonderland


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i found this the other night. its called project wonderland its in beta stages and is developed by sun microsystems best of all it is open source.

link to the project site http://lg3d-wonderland.dev.java.net/

it is developed using project darkstar

link to darkstart http://www.projectdarkstar.com/

the basic idea is a 3d meeting room/chat room. now its not like this hasn't been done before but the difference is with this project you can create your own servers and its relatively easy to create your own world. now as far as i know the customization with this is limitless. and as of the other night there are no functioning servers on the net. now when you install it it comes with a server (full of adds and such) that runs on your system, that you connect to to get a basic fell for it. ive had lots of ideas of what we could do with it if anyone is interested.

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Hak5 3D chatroom?


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