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Rubiks Cube


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There is a guy who took like 20 some odd years to do it. It was in the news about a week ago. The man was obsessed, and they said he cried when he finished it. I'm not making this up either. Here is a link:


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I can even solve several Rubik's Cubes with diffrent sizes. Even the big ones, the V-Cubes. My timings are about:

2x2x2 (also named mini cube): 40sec

3x3x3 (original Rubik's cube): 1min

4x4x4 (Rubik's Revenge): 9min

5x5x5 (Professor Cube): 25min

6x6x6 (V-Cube 6): 59min

7x7x7 (V-Cube 7): 5hrs

I've just started to solve big cubes. I played a lot with the 3x3 cube, but I only solved the 4x4 about 10 times, the 5x5 about 5 times, the 6x6 2 times and the 7x7 cube just once for now.

BTW: I just solve cubes for fun, while my PC is calculating something on every Core and I have to wait :-)

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Only tried the "normal" 3x3x3 so far. The whole idea behind it was my desire to beat my father's childhood record :) Managed to do it in 38.47 seconds...

Two other things worth mentioning:

1. 26 years means absolutely nothing when trying to solve the cube with no algorithms to follow. There are an enormeous number of possible permutations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubik's_cube) making the task incredibly hard. Even Rubik himself took a long time to figure out how to solve the cube, and the guy invented the freaking thing.

2. On the other hand, solving the cube once you learn an algorithm or two becomes an extremely simple task and anyone can do it. The only thing you need to figure out is whether you want to (just) solve it, solve it fast, or solve it with the least number of moves. The later two require a bit more practise and more algorithm knowledge.

Imaginary point 3. If you are the kind of guy with the kind of friends that enjoy this sort of thing, learn how to solve it. It really is a conversation starter and it raises a few eyebrows. It took me about a week or two of practise to learn enough algorithms to do this. I'm not doing it extremely fast, nor am I doing it in a small number of moves but still, I'm doing it :)

Happy cubing!

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I have never completed a cube, not for lack of trying.... I just messed it up and then fixed my mistakes, only to screw it up all over again. I would eventually get a face all 1 colour, but, of course, the sides and corners weren't right, and I didn't want to redo it, so I just left it :P (thats the same situation I get to each time)

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Has anyone tried the Electronic one?

Do you mean the software version or do they have another type? (I thought I saw another type one time)

I think they have a software version in the linux repositories somewhere.

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