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New Guide: Fonera USB Power Hack

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i have a couple of these that i picked up at walmart for less than 15 bucks. http://www.amazon.com/Black-Decker-CPI20XB...QCR9KHNXMPYAES7

i got them for powering the wireless receiver for one of my wireless 2.4ghz RC cam cars



theyve got a regular two prong power outlet and a usb port. you can get the 10 watt ones even cheaper i think for around 7-8 bucks or so too.

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yeah, I understand why most people would want a battery pack. This project was more for me, kinda the training wheels for opening up my hardware and altering it. I like this hack because you can still use the AC adapter that came with the FON.

BTW, anyone know how to fix the error message when I plug the USB from my FON into my computer? I'll get a screen shot of it when I get home.

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What happened to the screen shot dude?

I followed your guide and made myself a usb power adapter....very cool.

Your guide came in really handy.

Altho most ppl probably prefer to have a battery pack (me included, this is my next project), i love the flexibility of being able to tinker with the fon anywhere and not having to be tethered to ac power.

This mod is also going to come in very handy for wardriving with the fon.

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