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Registry changes in an Win2003 Domain


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maybe one of you can help me with my problem.

I've become co-admin of an Win2003 Domain Controller and some Win XP clients.

The clients have some old registry entries to redirect directories like "My Music" and Desktop Folder to a network device. These entries have to be removed.

I've used regedit to change those entries. After that I rebooted the computer and logged in again. A short visit in regedit shows, that my new changes have gone. It looks like my registry changes have not been transfered to the domain controller while other changes like new desktop icons where (think so).

Help, please :(

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Have you tried writing a startup script that you make sure this stays true even when a system is rebooted.

This will work but is not the correct solution. The problem is some where in the users profile on the server. I had this problem recently, however I don't touch the servers, I just tell the server people what is wrong and how I figured out there is some thing wrong on the server and they fix it.

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Its the users profile or a login script that is causing it. If its a profile its probably read-only, so any changes are lost immediately at log off.

You need to browse through any gpos or scripts that could be causing the matter; or loading up the user profile, editing the changes, and making it read only again.

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First of all: Thank you all!

I've now reseted the gps and only set the ones I really needed. After that, everything works fine. I think there was a gp marked as "not set" that was set some time ago and not deactivated correctly.

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Yeah I got a copy of server 08 laying around that I haven't installed yet so don't know if they've improved things.

03 and earlier is a pain in the ass to manage with group policies depending on what you're in charge to manage and how big your domain(s) are.

That is why a admin log is important. So you know exactly what has been changed/implemented. I'd chew out the previous dude for it :)

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