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Whether it be free keyrings, OS CDs or digital photo prints, we all enjoy free stuff. If you've come across something useful, post it here and share the wealth!

One restriction: No pyramid schemes or "free ipod/ps3/etc" offers. Only things which require no further action and no purchases to be made. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Oh, and one last thing: if you know or discover that a given offer will result in heavy spam or endless marketing calls, please don't post it, or if it's already been posted, add a warning.

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I'll kick off with something that's always useful, free SIM cards (UK only):




Tesco Mobile

One last link, and this one's not active right now, but keep an eye out for it because each SIM comes with £5 free credit:

Virgin Mobile

Again, these are all UK only, but if you're either in the UK or planning a trip there in the near future, it'll save you buying a new SIM for your phone (though you'll require an unlocked GSM phone). You might also need to have someone in the UK order it for you if you don't live there.

All links work at time of posting.

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Need an Ubuntu CD, but have a slow or unreliable connection? Maybe you just want something a little more pretty than a CD with badly scrawled marker pen on the front for your OS collection. Order one for free from Canonical themselves. May take up to 10 weeks to ship. Offer applies worldwide AFAIK, and was valid at time of posting.

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