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follow up to 'ubuntu' fail girl.. She got what she wanted... (And more hehehe)


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I still don't get the "accidentally" part. She didn't accidentally do shit. Either she purposely ordered it via the website with Ubuntu, or she was ordering via phone and purposely ignored anything the rep said about the OS.

Obviously the entire conversation/interaction with her and Dell might never be fully known, but something's fucking wrong here.

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All I have to say still is wow. They make linux sound evil..kind of sad lol.

let me get this straight...she had to drop out of classes bevause she couldnt get on the internet BUT she can find internet access to goto facebook?....

"The young woman also contacted 27 News to report she's being harassed on her Facebook account by Ubuntu users."

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I mean come on. Linux is obviously different from Windows but its Ubuntu. How much easier of a Linux distro could she have gotten. I would understand if she gotten something like a gentoo but she got Ubuntu. I bet if she would have gotten a MAC she would have found a way to make it work. She would have asked friends or even GOOGLE'd it on how to configure the network settings. I mean come on.

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./configure rant


sudo make install rant

Seriously. If i go up to someone with very little experience in computers and ask "So are you using ubuntu", they will probably respond "What is that". Its not entirely her fault, there are multiple scenarios for this to play into. All these "stoopid bitch", "retard", comments just go to prove that most linux users are elitist/arrogant/ass hats and thats why the OS will never be main stream.

At least with windows you dont have to hunt down a bearded man to help solve your problem. Googling a problem is not common sense for every one. There are people out there that do not use linux and are smarter than most of use, a doctor for example. Just because some one doesn't understand it doesn't make them a bad problem. All this "Any one with half a brain can use linux" nonsense is played out, maybe if your brain was twice the size as a normal brain then yeah.

The media did however handle this story in a bad way. They should have covered the facts: Dell now has the /choice/ to ship with a different OS, Some people are unaware of this, Here is an example.

Also, I use linux as my main OS with windows VMs. Linux is not the save all to beat all.


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"Googling a problem is not common sense for every one."

Maybe in the late 90's but not in 2009. The elder use "THE Google" (http://www.theonion.com/content/news_briefs/google_launches_the_google). Even the president uses "THE Google" (


True most people don't use Linux and unless you have a ounce of geek in your chromosomes then you won't know what Ubuntu is but Ubuntu is not the hardest OS to understand. I don't believe in bashing but I do believe she used it as an excuse to get out of school. Ubuntu uses a "start button" and has pictures of all the programs and Office with word processor. What would she have done if she got a Vista machine??? OR even a Mac???? How would she ever survive.

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It's like the time I tried getting my parents to us Ubuntu because Windows was being gey. My dad didn't care because he could still get to his porn sites, but my mom hated it, partly because she doesn't know a lot about computer, like she thought she needed the Nikon software to get the pictures off the camera, Witch you don't, So I showed her how to do that. Then I showed her Gimp, She thought it was crap just because it didn't look all fancy and shit. Then open office... Oh open office. She was freaking out because it didn't have all the fonts Microsoft word has. I tried to explain to her why, but it was hopeless. I could go on for ever but I don't feel like it. If it wasn't for me she would of been lost. But If I gave her windows she would be fine because everything she has is meant for windows.

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Am loving this - highly amusing!!

I certainly enjoyed the use of language to describe the situation in the article -

"Ubuntu is an operating system that contains Linux." - Really? Where?!

And in the 1st article -

"Later, she discovered Ubuntu might look like Windows, but it doesn't always act like it." - What?? Pull the other one!!!

OMG, is this the way that people think of the beautiful open source community?!

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there goes the rabid linux fanboy weenies quick to run out and flame anyone for not using their inferior operating system.

/me prepares for flame

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Option A:

Leave "Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium" selected when you order the laptop. There's only laptop from Dell comes with Ubuntu by default, and it's not the one she ordered. This is fully her fault for selecting that OS.

Option B:

Order a Windows disc off the internet for $89 (Product Link). This would have solved the problem she created quickly and cheaply.

Option C:

Stick with Ubuntu, spend a few hours on the phone with Verison so they can walk you through getting online. Look more into OpenOffice to see if it will work for you college classes or install Microsoft Office under WINE. (yes, this involves actual "work", but it is an option).

Option D:

Blow the situation way out of proportion; don't go online looking for solutions, call the local news crew and blame Dell for something that is clearly your fault.

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Shit like this is the reason I don't watch the news. I was entertained by the story but the complete ignorance of it all was just amazing. I also find it incredibly immature when the people from the news are bashing people who showed an interest in the story just because they ranted and acted pissy.

I'm gonna shut up now before I get started ranting myself lol.

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If the flame war starts ill be the ref.

Ill do this by running vms in the current configuration:

  • windows 7 inside mepis
  • , inside windows vista
  • , inside ubuntu,
  • inside windows 98,
  • inside fedora core 8

err.. something.



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schrei January 15, 2009 9:45 pm

“Hell hath no fury like an Internet full of nerds scorned.”

Watch yourself. You’re walking a fine enough line as it is.

this is the first reaction post on that site for his follow up...

If I was him I would watch himself too... I am not a linux-nazi, I am a linux user, and I know that there are some crazy ass people using linux... I would be scared... (Or at least pull the plug on my dsl for awhile.)

sry if it sounds silly but I dunno, this is interesting and I think someone's gonna pull some shiz on him.

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