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I had to drop out of college because my laptop came with Ubuntu on it...


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OK sorry, I guess i missed that bit, what dell'ish bullshit!

My Dell XPS had to be sent back due to display issues a while back, which had 4 OS's at that point and they replaced with a slightly better model.

I take it that you are saying that you had 4 Operating systems installed?

Anyway, she is definitely not a victim, because she knew what she was doing; I have seen the news report footage and read the story what I got out of it was she wanted a cheap computer and thought that she could get Ubuntu to work with little to no effort. She did not want to pay the extra money for a Windows based system.

About that verizon wireless card she had problems with; you cannot order it with the notebook. She is scamming Dell for money or a free notebook. People can play the bleeding heart game all they want, but the fact is she screwed up and she knew that she screwed up so she is trying to shift the blame away from herself.

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Stuff like this makes me really sad, sure Ubuntu isn't the same as any of Microsofts OS (mainly because it's not Microsofts OS), but still learning to use Ubuntu (and linux for that matter) shouldn't be overhelming task for anyone

specialy if one is going in any IT/Computers class/course.

Tbh, people should just learn to use Google and live their lifes happy

wow.... I go to MATC and i can say.... no one could help her? epic fail! I know that info is hard to get from MATC but I'm sure if she tried hard enough she would have found many teachers willing to help her understand the OS

oh well she only lost about 2,500 dollars for a semester.

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The 'normal' news outlets depicts her as some one who got scammed (in some way).

The realistic news outlets that have the cynical views of every thing reported (i.e. 'geek news' outlets) depicts her as the 'idiot' she is trying to get publicity for some thing/reason.

Yes, I think there's blatant sensationalism going on here. I'm in j-school now and I promise not to do this when I'm working for the local TV news. As often happens it seems the reporter didn't have time to talk to everyone involved (Dell, the University, Verizon, Ubuntu reps) and find out what was really going on. Probably a simple call to a local computer repair shop could have elicited an explanation of openoffice. Hell, even talking to the IT department at the station ...

Here's a story that didn't get reported though: my university switched from Gateway to Dell leasing a few years ago, and has now started renting the Dells to students living off campus. One problem: they don't have modems. So, if you don't have high-speed access, you're screwed. Especially if you were planning to use our free dialup.

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