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Top Ten Evil Computers


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this is pretty cool but..

#1 is skynet? Now surely it was a good thought to put it in but..

Skynet is NOT a computer. It is a Peer to Peer interlinking, self-aware, morphing Virus. (by my definition anyway)

Though if you think about it, i guess you could say it is one hell of a datacenter/server os though! :P

***if you havent watched Terminator3, there is spoilers in this but hey, it wasnt as good as #2 and if you liked it all from there just act like they didnt make #3 and quit reading this post*

Truthfully (not trying to change the subject) but it kinda pissed me off at the end of 3. Cause ya know, being in the future and all im sure john conner *from the future* who reprogrammed the terminator himself (didnt he?) to send back to help himself (in the as of now past) at least a little sticky note saying something to the effect that skynet IS NOT ONE STANDING COMPUTER!

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