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Thoughts about the show and some people's opinions


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I heard some people say that Hak5 has dumb itself down sense Rev3. I see it a little in comparison from season 1 - 3 and Season 4. If you (Hak5 Crew) are, dumbing down the show, don't do it. If I don't get something I'll find information on it and learn something if you don't get something do some reading. This reminds of, I believe it was the Security Now podcast, they were talking about how some podcast dumb it down to make it more attractive and they wouldn't because they want it to be good information and not, well, dumb. That is how I see it.

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It really is hard to balance information and entertainment. Information is available on the web, it's just not as cute as Kerby.

I agree that dumbing it down is a bad idea. I think we've heard from both Matt and Darren that Rev3 does not have editorial control over content. That doesn't mean that there isn't SOME input from the sales side of Rev3 but they're all smart and experienced people that know one show can't have all the viewers (despite what American Idol does for Fox).

Would you say that the last episode contained better content than previous season 4 shows or worse? Was it more clearly and confidently presented? Or was it just another example of dumbing things down to attract the "unwashed masses" to the Hak5.org world?

Chris is a nice guy and his last presentation was much better than his first. To have the guts to go on camera at all is to be respected. In my mind, Darren and the editing on the GPU cracker was spot on for getting the information into your head with a solid understanding so that you could do much more.

I know Darren reads these forums (and I suspect the others do too) and takes all this information to heart. If there are constructive ideas, give them. If you have ideas for spots - share them, write them or even better, RECORD THEM. I'd think it'd be awesome to have a Hack Of The Week with a 2 minute with a Hak5'er. Either at work or at home or - pwning on the road.

But, if you want it to be smart we've got to help, even if it's just encouragement.


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havent watched yet, but the 2 minute hakwatchers hak sounds awesome! and to top it off if needed the cast can throw more valuable info into it before or after the hak, maybe not in a dumbing down sense but a sense that they can give their input on it. I would record myself doing a hak! (*dunno what thoguh... yet*)

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