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Hacking Huawei ADSL Routers


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Hi there,

I'm from Serbia, so excuse my English <_< and this is my first post on your forum....

Here is the thing... Serbian Telekom (largest ISP in Serbia) is giwing Huawei ADSL routers to their users. The routers are locked, and you can get only user level username and password(which are username: telekom password: telekom). With usel level access you can see only some statistics and can't modify anything (eg. port forwarding), so a lot of people have trouble with P2P access etc. Reseting the device does not help, but there is trick :)

Here is the hack:

* Enter: telnet

* then enter username: telekom

* and then a password: telekom

* when you log in enter: passwd admin admin

* then enter: save

* then enter: reboot

* wait a minute for device reboot

* and now you can log in via http admin access username admin / password admin.

So, if you have locked huawei adsl router and you have only user access level, telnet, log in with user level access account and change admin password to whatever you like ;)

Greetings from Serbia...

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Well, messing with the firmware means loosing warranty on the device, and since the device is not yours for the time you're under contract, it's better to buy decent ADSL router and mess arround with it instead. You'll have to pay twice the price for Huawei if you decide to give up ADSL and take something else...

Btw, did you know that Serbian Telekom was (until 01.01.2009.) the only ISP in Serbia that had permission for interconnecting with foreign Internet providers? That means that all ISP in Serbia had to resell their's internet bandwidth. Now we have another one (SBB - cable ISP) that have their own link abroad.

Just small info:

ADSL (Serbian Telekom or any other reseler)

1Mbps/64kbps ~ 20$

2Mbps/128kbps ~ 30$

4Mbps/256kbps ~ 40$

Cable (Serbian BroadBand - SBB)

1Mbps/128kbps ~ 20$

2Mbps/256kbps ~ 30$

4Mbps/384kbps ~ 40$

...and these are the new prices - before 01.01.2009. the speeds were 512kbps, 1Mbps, and 2Mbps for download... Do you know where else can you buy that expensive Internet? :wub:

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